Wednesday, March 11, 2009

USC Marching Band W/Radiohead

In February, I watched the Grammys while working on a Sunday. The work was stressful since it was my first time handling a Sunday shift, but we made it happen. Most of the Grammys I didn't care to watch, but sometimes you zone out when the TV's on. During one of the performances, the intern asks "who is this band?" I reply "It's Radiohead." I didn't even know it was them until she asked, and I had to stop and listen to the group. I thought it was cool that they were performing with a marching band, but then my thought was wrecked by the next thing the intern said; "they suck." *sigh* Damn young kids, don't know what's good music. I thought about defending the group, but that didn't happen because I told myself; don't worry, she's young, plus she was home-schooled. Not that I have anything against home-schooling.

Here's a video behind the scenes with the USC marching band;

Here's the actual Grammy performance;

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