Wednesday, March 11, 2009

At Home

The Fader visited the Brick Bandits headquarters in New Jersey, and it was really cool to see like-minded creative people excited. Brick Bandits are a collective of club djs/producers spread across the East Coast. Reppin' Jersey, Philly, and Chi-town.

Not necessarily connected, but seeing the Brick Bandits place reminded of MTV cribs. I only liked seeing the musicians homes because all the other famous people's homes were lame. "Hey, look at my fridge...look at my cars..." Yawn! Some of the musicians were also lame, but those were mainly singers. If you were actually a producer or a real musician, then we always got a sneak peek into the creative work place, which was the best part of the show.

I think my favorite cribs were Moby and Redman. Moby had a cool Manhattan spot and was insightful about his home. Such as the irony of having a dinner table that was once a butcher table since he's vegan. Also, a book shelf! Redman had a great sense of humor and I always wondered if he was joking, but I think he was for real and he's a funny dude. "Rub these wires together for the doorbell" or "Everyone needs a money box"

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