Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Record Collections

Years ago, some friends of mine started up an online magazine called Banter Online. I forget the mission statement or the primary focus, but I do remember contributing a really weak section called "On The Record." I say weak because I was very green with my writing and photography. Actually, I still am very green in both respects, but I'm working on them. What I tried doing was taking photo essays of DJs/collectors' record collections in Anchorage. The online magazine lasted only one issue for various reasons, and I ended up shooting four of my DJ friend's collection before I shifted focus to other things. Nonetheless, you can still see some photos at flickr, and perhaps someday I'll revive the photo project.

Dusts and Grooves - A diggin photo blog
I came across a Brooklyn-based, via Tel Aviv, via Mexico City, photographer's blog, which is doing what I attempted years ago. It's still in its early stages, but I'm digging the vibe and hope the guy keeps up with the project.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Too Legit Too Quit

As a kid, my family would visit our grandparents in the Bay Area whenever we had a chance. I remember many shenanigans with my cousins and little brother (My youngest brother was still a baby). They were good times, and I wish I could visit more often, but that's part of growing up. Hammer was mega huge back then, and I'm not gonna front and say I didn't like him. It's quite the opposite. I thought his stuff was entertaining and I always did like him more than Vanilla Ice. I still have Bay love, despite spending most of my life outside of my birthplace; Hayward, CA.

Hammer has been steadily making a come back and has a decent amount of people following him on twitter. I'm not sure if he or anyone could make it to the level he did in the early 90's, but I like seeing good people do their thing. One of his twitter posts today makes me wish I was little more focused and humble.

Hammer's Top 5 things to do today :
2.production meetings
5.Be grateful and appreciative to be among the living

My today list looks like this;
1. Work on dad's resume
2. Continue reading Hitman by Bret Hart
3. Watch rented dvd
4. Sleep
5. ?

But I wish it was a little more like;
1. Gym
2. Listen to vinyl
3. Drink coffee and read
4. Have dinner with friends (or better, cook dinner for friends)
5. Bike to work

Also, if you would like to follow me on twitter, then holler at me here; http://twitter.com/ntorquiano

Friday, February 20, 2009

New Kids On The Glock

"Minneapolis' premier glockenspiel duo, New Kids on the Glock (Joe Beuckman & Mike Davis), perform the smash hit "Private Eyes" by Hall & Oates."

Yes! These dudes are so fresh.

Also, check out their version of "
D.A.N.C.E." by Jus†ice;

Sasquatch 2009 Line-Up

Several years ago, I went to the Sasquatch out in the Gorge in Washington. It's a twothree day music festival held in a wonderful outdoor venue with three stages. For whatever reason, the year I went turned out to be anti-climatic. The pacing of the line-up along with the actual line-up did not work well. Yes, the big name acts get primetime, but you have to build tempo as well so that everyone is amped not bored and ready to call it a night. Now that I got that out of my system, I'm going to do a 180, and say that this year's line-up has me very tempted to fly out to Washington and give Sasquatch another try.

Day 1
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Decemberists
Animal Collective
Bon Iver
Sun Kil Moon

Day 2
Nine Inch Nails
TV On The Radio
of Montreal
Avett Brothers
The Wrens

Day 3
Erykah Badu
Fleet Foxes
Gogol Bordello
Grizzly Bear
Explosions In the Sky
Black Moth Super Rainbow
Beach House

For The Record Nerds

Also, this is where I should have been around the Inauguration;

Jay-Z My President is black Remix LIVE 1-18-09 from pleasedontstare.com on Vimeo.

Props and Cred to The Fader and Please Don't Stare

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Go Ram!

One of the best films I've seen this year was The Wrestler. Everyone did a terrific job and it really shows. All the praise that Mickey Rourke is getting is well deserved and often overshadows the other actors' performances, but don't sleep on Marisa Tomei . She really pulled it off and even had my friend who I saw the film with say "I want to be as hot as Marisa Tomei when I'm in my 40's." The film breaks your heart, but you love that it does that and Bruce Springsteen's song is a perfect example. I'm rooting for The Wrestler and especially for Rourke at this year's Oscars.

Bonus; Mickey appeared on Charlie Rose last week, and you can watch the video over here, but note it clocks in at 54 minutes.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Slow Return

No promises on how often I will update, just trying to get back into the swing. Some of my friends still link this blog, so I might as well try to keep it active.

Here's a music video I saw over at The Fader's blog, which is pretty damn awesome. I think even vegetarians will have to agree to at least the first part of the video.

Sportsday Megaphone - Meet Me In The Middle from O W L S on Vimeo.