Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mayer Hawthorne is The Truth (Re-Edit, Updated Vid)

Mayer Hawthorne has a new single and here's a simple video for the song. My first introduction to Mayer Hawthorn was through DJ Addverse. After bar hours closed, the bartenders and workers would request some tunes as they shut down. Mainly, the music was pretty chill, but not in that martini lounge setting way. More like The Doors and soul music. Each time Mayer would play, your lips come together and go "oooo." Then when I found out the vinyl is heart-shaped, color-red and he's a white dude who's NOT dead(!)..omg, where has he been all my life?. Soul music for REAL.

plus, Stones Throw record owner, Peanut Butter Wolf is good creepy;

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