Friday, April 03, 2009

Portraits of BBC Radio DJs

"Ninety per cent of the population tune in every week and with listening figures soaring, top radio presenters reveal the highs and lows of broadcasting. Portraits by James Mollison"

That freaking blows my mind away! 90 Percent! Then again, I'm not sure what the rest of the statistic means. Is that out of the whole UK population? Is it out of the 3 million who listen to radio? Nonetheless, to have 90% is incredible no matter what the rest of stat means. Also, the above portrait is Annie Mac. She is mainly known for her show called "Mash-Up," which could be described as the show you would want to hear prior to going out on the weekend or if you're a fan of dance music with a bit of bounce that will instantly make you want to dance and tear the club up. Then again, that's just what I think whenever I hear her show.

Btw, sometime down the line, I'll give proper love to some stateside radio people, especially folks doing things in Alaska.

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