Monday, April 06, 2009


Chuck Klosterman gave a lecture along with Q&A session about a week here in Anchorage. Klosterman is a writer known for his memoirs, Fargo Rock City, Sex Drugs & Cocoa Puffs, and his writing for Esquire and Spin magazine. He talked about his development as a writer which was kind of catered to the expected audience; students at UAA (the event was free to the public). Of course, his speech and Q&A session had plenty of pop references and he was just as witty live compared to his writing.

You can always learn something from someone's development, but Klosterman warns that he doesn't have a ritual. He did go through a post-college newspaper job that he called his "woodshedding" period, and he must have saw a lot of blank faces so he briefly explained "woodshedding." This bit of knowledge was enlightening because I feel like this stage of my is what Klosterman is describing. I'm not saying I'll become a writer like he is, but maybe I'm honing skills that will be very practical in my profession just like a musician who dedicates themself to a craft.

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