Monday, April 06, 2009


I'm a sucker for good "coming-of age" movies. There's a hint of nostaglia that makes you remember "back in the days..." The really good stories reveal how messy and scary growing up can be. Gregg Mottola's Adventureland falls in the good category. This Nerve article has a decent enough review of the film, so I'll spare you a summary review.

Yo La Tengo handles the original music to the film, which makes the film 10x more awesome, but the music credits don't stop there. This site reveals how much good music is in the film and makes me what to take all of my friends to go see it just to enjoy the music. Thank goodness, it's a good film as well. (I orginally planned to see Fast & Furious with my little brother, but he had plans to see that already, so I took him to a movie I was going to see anyway) For a little more information on Yo La Tengo's film music contribtutions, check here.

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