Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Record Collections

Years ago, some friends of mine started up an online magazine called Banter Online. I forget the mission statement or the primary focus, but I do remember contributing a really weak section called "On The Record." I say weak because I was very green with my writing and photography. Actually, I still am very green in both respects, but I'm working on them. What I tried doing was taking photo essays of DJs/collectors' record collections in Anchorage. The online magazine lasted only one issue for various reasons, and I ended up shooting four of my DJ friend's collection before I shifted focus to other things. Nonetheless, you can still see some photos at flickr, and perhaps someday I'll revive the photo project.

Dusts and Grooves - A diggin photo blog
I came across a Brooklyn-based, via Tel Aviv, via Mexico City, photographer's blog, which is doing what I attempted years ago. It's still in its early stages, but I'm digging the vibe and hope the guy keeps up with the project.

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Rosey said...

Wow, that is "On the record!"