Monday, February 23, 2009

Too Legit Too Quit

As a kid, my family would visit our grandparents in the Bay Area whenever we had a chance. I remember many shenanigans with my cousins and little brother (My youngest brother was still a baby). They were good times, and I wish I could visit more often, but that's part of growing up. Hammer was mega huge back then, and I'm not gonna front and say I didn't like him. It's quite the opposite. I thought his stuff was entertaining and I always did like him more than Vanilla Ice. I still have Bay love, despite spending most of my life outside of my birthplace; Hayward, CA.

Hammer has been steadily making a come back and has a decent amount of people following him on twitter. I'm not sure if he or anyone could make it to the level he did in the early 90's, but I like seeing good people do their thing. One of his twitter posts today makes me wish I was little more focused and humble.

Hammer's Top 5 things to do today :
2.production meetings
5.Be grateful and appreciative to be among the living

My today list looks like this;
1. Work on dad's resume
2. Continue reading Hitman by Bret Hart
3. Watch rented dvd
4. Sleep
5. ?

But I wish it was a little more like;
1. Gym
2. Listen to vinyl
3. Drink coffee and read
4. Have dinner with friends (or better, cook dinner for friends)
5. Bike to work

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