Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clever Mash-Up Video

J∆¥ ÆLECT®ΩNIC∆ "Jazzmatazz" from Adam Saewitz on Vimeo.

"I was watching gattaca, and jay elect's "jazzmatazz" had came out that day on IllRoots, and it just sort've hit me as i was sittin there, with the film muted, and jay's song playin...i just saw one over the other, kinda how cudi said he found the "sky is falling" w/ transformers.. the two images were laying on-top of my computer. i felt like why not

Mashed up:
Jay Electronica's "Jazzmatazz"
Andrew Niccols' 'Gattaca'
The opening clip is Martin Luther King's final speech (which existed in audio-form in the original jay electronica track)

i do not own copyright to the materials"

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