Thursday, March 04, 2010

Blogs I dig

Some day I'll actually revamp this blog, and update the link section. Until then, I gotta give props to a couple of blogs I've been digging.

Analog Apartment; "is a place for people who love collecting and experiencing their music on vinyl."
Bunch of vinyl geeks. Seems like it slowed down a bit, but that's okay. That just means you have time to catch up.

Crate Kings; behind the scenes hip-hop production. I watched like 5 videos that I've never seen elsewhere. Good job!

also, Amoeba records has a neat feature called "What's in your bag?" Musicians, Producers, Celebs, and whoever explain what they're buying.

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One Celled said...

Neil, thanks for the shout to re: What's in Your Bag. Amoeba also hosts tons of in stores and they are often streamed for folks not in LA or SF. On March 12th, Amoeba has Black Rebel Motorcycle Club streaming online. Here's the link: