Tuesday, February 27, 2007

my bad + video killed the radio star

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My bad for not doing my show last Thursday. I was extremely tired and decided to sleep it off. It's my last semester of undergraduate school for a history degree, which basically means I'm stacked with books to read; Chinese Propaganda (thesis class, yikes!), Western Religion, American Literature from the 20th century, American Women's History from the the 20th century (I've never read Silent Spring, but I'm eager to do so because it's my research paper), Early National Period; America from 1800-1850, and Race & Ethnicity.

So if anyone wants to co-host or put together a mix, any length you want, then holler. I'll greatly appreciate your contribution more than ever. There may even be prizes for you. At least, you'll know that you're reaching people worldwide.

I filled in for Jenny on her show Sweetheart Mixtape last Sunday. She went to Fairbanks to enjoy the sounds of The Mountain Goats who kicked off their West Coat tour in Alaska.

The picture is the playlist I put together for the show. What it doesn't show are the various movie soundbites I spliced in at various points. There were movie clips from The Good Girl, Half Nelson (such an incredible film, recommended), The Science of Sleep, and The Thin Red Line.

I recorded the session to mp3, so if you're interested in d/ling it, then post a comment and let me know. I'll make it available upon request.

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