Friday, April 07, 2006

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (or stuff from other blogs)

If you're a web junkie, then you should check out the links on the side because they have some good stuff going on. More often then here, they have exclusive leaks to mp3s, which you may hear on the show.

NPR has a Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert available for download. link (uncensored, so you can hear all FCC unapproved words/this probably won't be up for long, so get it while you can)

Project Recess (James Jean blog, great art) He designed Calexico's "Garden Ruin" album cover.

Discobelle are some folks from Sweden who provide great mixes along with keeping you informed on hotness.

Lemon-Red is another blog you should bookmark for their quality mixes.

Cuntlickers has a mix done my Anchorage-nite Curtis Vodka. Check his myspace for some d/ls.

Cliptip; for the video junkies. Links to new Hot Chip and Flaming Lips video. Yeah (x3)!

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