Monday, February 27, 2006

no push play this week

One of KRUA's finest (in both ways) will be celebrating a birthday, so that means I'll be in attendance. Happy Birthday to Jenny! She hosts The Cocktail Hour on Sundays from 7-10pm.

To make up for the absence, Push Play offers an acoustic version of a song that most of y'all will know. d/l here or directly mp3. This will be up for a limited time or until the authorities come busting down the door. Get it before it disappears.


Spencecakes said...

That old YYY's stuff is tired. Where's the new hotness - diplo remix? Damn Neil, you're supposed to be the hipster / I ain't heard of that / import only / Giles P sweating DJ. Give me something I can bite!

Push Play said...

Wham!. Wot you should do is spend 15 minutes and click on those links on the siderbar because I'm a (daily) lurker as well. Besides I don't shop at thrift stores, so I ain't no hipster.

slackline said...

damn, where's the hipster? i have been driving around everywhere...i guess i am going to have to head to the valley and check the bars there.